Owl bag

New owl bag. All handtooled and dyed by me.

The body of the bag is done with Fiebings Leather dye in chocolate. I spray dyed it lightly, then added in more color around the edges by hand, mixing it with isopropyl alcohol to thin it out. The parts around the eyes were also stained with Fiebings, Light brown, with several light layers, also thinned with alcohol and gradually built up in a gradient. The rest of the face was dyed with Tandy’s gel antique in medium brown with a little shadowing in black. Then black and white Cova color paints.

The sides were wet formed around a foam-core board mold. Then all sewed together by hand.

Notes: the buckle will likely be changed. I don’t like the eyes, they are currently temporary painted glass cabs. And I kind of lazy-ed out on the strap. It doesn’t match the body of the bag, even though it’s the same dye, so that is frustrating. I should have glued my edges together because they didn’t end up coming together well at the end.

The owl got a little facelift; new eyes and a better buckle.

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