Gardenia wallet

Handcarved leather wallet commission to match the Gardenia Bag. All handmade by me.

Gardenia bag

My latest commission for a client. Custom gardenia flower bag. Completely hand sewn, tooled, and painted. The sides […]

Leather clutch

I made a small clutch for our upcoming trip to California. It’s just big enough to hold my […]

Leather wallet

I made a leather wallet to match the leather bag I made for my mother some time ago. […]

Leather dog leash

A pair of leather dog leashes for a friend. Hand sewn and cut.

Leather Guitar Strap

I made this hand-tooled leather guitar strap for my Dad as a gift for Father’s Day. It took […]

Leather bicycle tool belt

This project had a lot of collaboration and design work to get just right. I have never made […]


My cosplay of Astrid from How to Train your Dragon 2. The entire costume was handmade. I made […]

Floral bag

  Finally finished the leather bag Christmas present for my mother (only took me a year!). It’s lined […]