Little Red Wolf Hunter costume


Update: My husband and I finally did that photo shoot I’ve been wanting to do for some time! Photos courtesy of Nick Crovo of NHC Photography.

The build:
Since I have been doing a lot of leatherworking this year, I really wanted to make a set of armor for Halloween. Really, I wanted to make a set of armor from the novel I’m endlessly writing, but since I’m the only person that knows anything about it, I’d rather not have to explain “I’m a character from my book” when the question of “and you are?”  comes up at Halloween. So I thought of the brilliant idea of doing Little Red Riding Hood, but like a bad-ass wolf hunter version. All because I wanted to make some armor!

My initial plan started with a craft foam pattern that I didn’t end up liking at all:

armor prototype
armor prototype

Well, actually, I really liked the corset part of it, but the bust would never have worked out properly. So I scrapped the bust and started making a new one out of leather. After about a month of staring at the new bust, I ended up hating that too and scrapping it. Then with a lot of modification and sketching, I started on a new corset with craft foam and made that into leather:

Once the corset part was done, I started making the new bust after doing some research online and figured out what kind of shapes I would need to make. That took a lot of trial and error, too. But I finally managed to get the shapes right. I also molded the bottom cup part by soaking the leather and stretching it. This the part that holds the bust to the corset:

The spaulder was almost a last minute addition, though I knew I wanted it, it was created in the last week before the party. I wanted it to look like a wolf head while not being exactly a wolf head. I wanted it to be shaped, but I couldn’t figure out how to make that pattern work. Then I tried a two piece version and that didn’t look good either, so I sat on it (figuratively) until I figured out how to do it properly. After doing some internet research on spaulders and how to make them, I made a pattern that was “wolfy.” The middle section actually has eyes carved into it, but they got lost under the fur.

I also made my own pants! They started out as pajama pants pattern that I slimmed down to fit skin-tight. The pants were made from a stretchy material so they could get tight enough around the knees. I added some elastic under the feet to help keep them down. A trick I knew about from horseback riding! Those tight riding pants never stay put without a way to be held down. I also made my own shirt, not pictured because it was meh.

The hood was taken from Fleece Fun’s pattern. Though I mostly used her pattern for the hood and less on the cape, it was very helpful for getting that voluminous hood that I wanted. I unfortunately didn’t take any pictures of just the cape completed. I’m so bad at this step-by-step thing. So the first version of the cape, I made out of wool suiting fabric and black denim. $75 later it turns out I’m allergic/sensitive to wool… but I suffered through and made the entire thing. I discovered after that the denim lining made the cape way too heavy. Sigh. First, I un-stitched the lining from the cape because I didn’t want to have to remake the cape. This ended up being a huge waste of time because I finally decided that I couldn’t deal with getting itchy at just being around the cape. So the cape is gone. $75 down the tubes. (suiting fabric is crazy expensive apparently). Still, I had to suffer through un-stitching the hood from the denim because I wanted to save the denim hood as it made a good stiffener for keeping the hood the way I liked it. So I bought some suede cloth, bought more of the ribbon, recut the cape, resewed a new cape with plain old quilting fabric, remade the hood and redid the embroidery. Uhg. Lesson learned. (pictures are of round one hood)

Pretty much everything I made was templated out with craft foam and fiddled and fudged until I liked what it looked like. The boots and belts were purchased, everything else I made!

Anyway, here’s the rest of the pictures!

More picture from Super Megafest 2014:
My husband dressed as an original Huntsman to compliment my original Little Red Riding Hood. He finished his costume just in time for Super Megafest!  I made his pants, the axe, and a bag and helped with dyeing the leather.

My Little Red Riding Hood Costume was also featured on!

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