Red Leather bag

Hand tooled leather bag with fabric lining. This was a request from a client.

Stained Glass door panel

  Creating a stained glass door for our home has been something I have wanted to do since […]

Leather adventurer satchel

There are a few flaws that I need to work out for the future, but I absolutely love […]

Leather wallet

I’ve been wanting to make my own wallet for a while now. The first plan was to reuse […]

Trout stained glass

  A birthday gift for my Dad. The spots and the eye are painted.

Valkyrie headphones

I have had this project on my mind pretty much since I got my new headphones in 2013. […]

Mini Roper Saddle

I received the Half-pint Roper Saddle Kit for Christmas last year and I finally finished it! The kit […]

Back quiver

I wanted to try out how well (or not) a back quiver would work, so I made one! […]

Glass water lily

Created for a client. This one was quite a bit of work! I recently found out that none […]